Four Things to Look For When Booking Limo Travel in Washington

For movers and shakers, luxury car service in Washington D.C. isn’t really a luxury—it’s a necessity. Image is everything, in our nation’s capital, and showing up in a luxury automobile instantly communicates status and prestige to the men and women with whom you’ll be doing business. There’s more to corporate limo transportation than a fancy vehicle, however. Good limo services provide a level of service that caters to the specific needs of its clientele.

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Washington, D.C. is well known for gridlock—and not just the political kind. A 2015 report found that the city has the worst traffic in the U.S., with auto commuters wasting more time and fuel in traffic delays than commuters in any other part of the country. The report found that the daily auto commuter in the greater Washington, D.C. area spent 82 hours in traffic delays in 2014. Los Angeles commuters were close behind, with 80 hours, and San Francisco commuters spent 78 in traffic jams.

A good D.C. limo and car service can help high-level executives and officials avoid traffic log jams and make inevitable delays more comfortable. There’s plenty of space to stretch out in a limo or luxury town car, and the amenities onboard will help travelers feel less stressed and more relaxed.

A growing number of Americans are coming to realize the benefits of luxury car service. The limousine and town car services industry had revenues of about $11 billion in 2016 and employs about 239,153 people nationwide. According to IBISWorld, a growing economy has fueled strong growth in the industry as consumers are increasingly opting for luxury car service over less expensive options like Uber, Lyft, or traditional taxis.

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How to Choose a Luxury Car Service

The nation’s capital abounds with transport services, but discerning clients will choose one that can meet their unique needs. Knowing what to look for can help clients choose the best service that will provide quality vehicles and a great staff. The following are a few things you should look for when selecting a luxury car service in D.C.:

Experienced drivers – Many people assume that modern navigation services and the near-ubiquitous Siri have made taxi and limo drivers little more than a pair of hands for the wheel and a pair of feet to the pedals. That’s not true, as driver judgment and experience can make a huge difference, especially in busy urban environments like Washington, D.C.

Experienced drivers know shortcuts and quick routes that navigation services aren’t aware of. They’re also adept at reading traffic patterns and adjusting routes to take advantage of lulls in traffic or to avoid traffic snarls. Good drivers can also quickly adapt to changing circumstances or plans to ensure their passengers arrive safely at any destination they choose.

Luxury car service drivers are a distinct cut above ride-sharing service or traditional taxi drivers, as limousine companies insist on a thorough knowledge of the city, a solid driving experience, and the bearing and deportment needed to properly serve high-level clients.

Quality Nothing impresses like showing up to an important meeting or event in a premium automobile. It also helps if the vehicle is mechanically reliable and kept in good repair, as a breakdown in a busy city like Washington, D.C. can be a major headache. The limousine service you choose should use only the best town cars and limos. Here are a few models you can trust:

  • Mercedes Benz S-Class sedanMercedes’ flagship luxury sedan, the S-Class, is widely recognized as one of the best automobiles in the world. Every feature of the vehicle, including its exterior design, cabin materials, mechanical performance, and technology is top-shelf. The vehicle is spacious, yet sleek and offers a wide range of amazing amenities passengers will love, including heated massage, pop-out tables, and even a mini-fridge.

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  • Lincoln Stretch LimoThe Lincoln Continental stretch limo provides fast transportation and nimble steering that belies its size. The Continental is a legendary nameplate and is associated with the height of American wealth and power. The limo provides seating for up to 14 in a highly comfortable environment. Powerful engines and a robust suspension system provide for a highly enjoyable ride. If you really want to cruise in style, there are few better ways to do it than in a Lincoln Continental stretch limo.
  • Hummer Stretch LimoNothing projects strength quite like a Hummer. The vehicle has connotations with both wealth and the military, and the stretch limo version of the popular high-end SUV takes advantage of them. Showing up for a meeting or event in a stretch Hummer shows that you’re truly a person of substance.

The Hummer’s not all looks, however. Many travelers enjoy the high seating position of the Hummer, and the vehicle has a high tech suspension system that makes rides as smooth as silk.

  • SUV Stretch Excursion LimoThe Ford Excursion stretch limo provides unparalleled room and comfort for large entourages. For high-level executives and officials traveling with staff, this vehicle is a must. The Excursion offers plenty of room to relax and conduct meetings while traveling to your destination. Technological and other amenities are many, and the vehicle’s SUV structure makes for a much more comfortable ride. The Excursion also has an outstanding safety record.

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Discretion – Top-level executives prize discretion in the services they hire. Officials and business leaders may discuss sensitive matters while traveling, and tense negotiations and high stakes business and governmental deals may require secrecy. High-profile clients using luxury ground transportation may also need an elevated level of discretion to avoid being hassled by the press or public.

Great luxury car companies understand the value of VIPs’ privacy and take steps to shield their clients from unwanted scrutiny and publicity. This starts with ensuring that all conversations between booking staff and clients are confidential, and it extends to training drivers to avoid loose talk about clients and their activities.

Clients who’d like to avoid seeing their photos on Snapchat or Facebook or having a tell-all about their activities show up in the press must find a limousine company that understands the value of silent service.

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Flexibility – Plans can change at a moment’s notice, and the best luxury car services in Washington, D.C. are able to adapt and overcome any challenges their clients’ schedules may present. Good ground services are able to adapt to clients’ requests to change destinations or arrival times and any other special instructions they may provide. Logistical planning is a must for quality ground transport companies, as this can mitigate any potential delays or disruptions that a client’s requests may cause.

When choosing a luxury vehicle service, check online review sites and also rely on word-of-mouth from frequent travelers to the D.C. area to make an informed decision.

AA Limousine and Sedan provides top-notch car service in Washington, D.C. The proprietors of AA Limousine and Sedan know that it’s the fine details that make the difference between a luxury car service and an ordinary cab service, and that’s why they invest time and effort in creating an elegant and relaxing environment for clients. Stocking each vehicle with spring water and soda and making sure each driver wears a fresh tux may seem like minor details but, collectively, these and other amenities add up to create an outstanding executive travel experience.

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The next time you visit Washington, D.C. and need smart, discreet, and responsive luxury car service, consider All American Limousine and Sedan Service Inc. With a large fleet of luxury vehicles and a staff of well-trained, experienced drivers, AA Limousine and Sedan will provide the highest standard of corporate transportation services to its valued clients.